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Citadelle’s members rank among the world’s leading innovators, giving it their all every day to create the finest, most cutting-edge products.

Consistency of flavour and quality

Our patented techniques and proven production processes guaranty that our products remain extremely stable in terms of flavour and deliver superior quality year after year.

Continuous supply all year long

Our producers’ local storage facilities are strictly monitored to maintain optimal storage conditions. This means a quality supply is available 12 month a year. Notably, our exclusive use of atmosphere-controlled systems lets us store more than 2.7 million litres of maple syrup.

100% natural products

All our honey, maple syrup and cranberry products are 100% natural and completely unrefined. No additives, stabilizers, colours or glycerine are ever used.

High production capacity

Our members tap more than 7 million maple trees Canada-wide each year. This impressive volume is made possible through the use of cutting-edge technologies, rigorous quality control and the highly valued expertise of our producers.

A unique cranberry drying process

Unlike many cranberries on the market, only a small amount of the juice is removed from the cranberries we produce. Our berries are dried for a longer period of time, at a lower temperature. This helps the fruit retain its plump, juicy texture, deliciously tart flavour and all its nutritional benefits.

A one-of-a-kind infusion technique

Citadelle’s members produce whole dried sweetened cranberries using a totally unique process. First infused with a sweetening solution, the berries are then quick frozen so they retain their plump, tender texture.

An innovative cranberry sorting method

Citadelle’s producers have developed a unique sorting process for their cranberries that ensures only Grade A berries are selected.

High traceability

Using a lot numbering system, our products can be tracked throughout the production process. This way, the exact origins of each product can be established with complete transparency.

An R and D team dedicated to innovation.

Citadelle members’ research and development activities aim to enhance our products' culinary attributes. They work tirelessly to stay at the forefront of technology by developing new methods for production, packaging and warehousing.

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