Can I order online?

YES. Our maple products are available online under the Canadian Maple Delights brand and they can be shipped anywhere in Canada. For now, only certain products can be shipped to the U.S. Visit the site to find out when worldwide shipping of all our products comes into effect: boutique.mapledelights.com

Storage: Do you need to refrigerate maple syrup once opened?

YES. Once the container is open, maple syrup should be refrigerated. Once in contact with air, mold could develop if the product is not refrigerated. What's more, refrigeration tends to reduce evaporation which is usually followed by crystallization of the product.

Why is there a grading system for maple syrup?

The system helps to organize maple syrup by colour according to whether it was harvested early or late in the season. The system also assures uniformity among all maple products, no matter what province or state they are produced in. It also ensures adherence to all laws and regulations concerning quality and cleanliness at the provincial and federal/state levels. The system helps guarantee a grade A product at retail and facilitates communication with consumers by including the colour and taste class on the label.

Why was there a change in the maple syrup grading system?

To ensure a uniform grading system for maple products covering every producing province and state in North America.

Is one syrup class better than another?

NO. The classes are not graded according to quality. Each class has its own special characteristics and applications. All syrup sold at retail is Grade A syrup, while Grade B syrup is used exclusively in food processing. Grade A syrup is divided into 4 colours each with its own intensity of maple flavour. Consult the maple syrup grades.

Do your products contain allergenic substances?

NO. Our maple syrup, maple butter and maple taffy contain no allergens and they are processed in an allergen-free facility.

Do your products contain gluten?

NO. Maple syrup, maple butter and maple taffy contain no gluten and are processed in a gluten-free facility.

What is the difference between organic maple syrup and conventional?

Producers of organic maple syrup must follow strict guidelines that include standards for every stage in the syrup making process, from the care and management of the maple grove, collection and storage of sap, processing, washing and sanitizing of equipment, all the way through the warehousing and final processing of the syrup into finished products.

Does the Smartsak contain BPA?

NO. Our Smartsak packaging does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA).

Anti-foaming agents: What type do you use?

We use a vegetable-based kosher-certified anti-foaming agent that is both allergen and gluten free.

What is invert maple syrup?

Entirely natural, sucrose is the principle sugar component of maple syrup, but it also contains glucose and fructose formed when enzymes present in varying degrees in the syrup cause the sucrose to break down. Glucose and fructose represent what is known as invert sugar, which is more soluble than sucrose. Invert sugar affects the crystallization of maple syrup; the more invert sugar present, the less the syrup has a tendency to crystallize. That's why, for certain products derived from maple syrup, invert sugar is added to prolong product shelf life without need for refrigeration.


Kosher certified: Are your honey products kosher certified?

YES. Our honey products are kosher certified by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of North America.

Storage: Do you have to keep honey refrigerated after opening?

NO. Honey tends to crystallize if kept in the fridge. Honey may be stored in its sealed container in a dry, dark place.

Allergenic substances: Does your honey contain any?

NO. Citadelle honey does not contain any allergens. It is processed in a facility that is also allergen free.

What do you do when honey crystallizes?

Crystallization of honey is a natural occurrence and is not a sign of deterioration. You can turn the honey back into a liquid by heating it gently in a hot water bath stirring constantly.


Do dried sweetened cranberries offer the same nutritional benefits as fresh cranberries?

YES. Dried sweetened cranberries have nutritional benefits similar to fresh cranberries. 1/3 cup of dried sweetened cranberries offers the same nutritional value as ¼ cup of fresh cranberries.

GMOs. Do your cranberry products contain any?

NO. Our cranberry products contain no GMOs. What's more, they contain no artificial stabilizers, colouring or glycerine.

Kosher certified: Are your cranberry products kosher certified?

YES. Our cranberry products are certified by the Jewish Community Council of Montreal.

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